Timelapse Sketch: Aragorn, son of Arathorn.

Lunchtime Sketch: Sandcrawler in Beggars Canyon.

I shot a timelapse of this, but I’ll have to post it later when I can show you the full resolution.


Sketches by Request…

When I’m sitting around and needing to sketch, sometimes it’s great to ask people on twitter and google+ for suggestions. Here’s some of the results from tonight’s session…





Lunchtime Sketch: Yoda and friend…

If you haven’t noticed, Yoda’s a favorite subject if mine. This is a quick sketch during lunch, not more than about five minutes on my iPad in Adobe Ideas.


Digital Sketch: Wolverine back when he was still cool.

The best period for comics was the early 80s, hands down. Everything cool happened then. This is what Wolverine looked like around 1985…back before he was 6‘3″ and Hollywoody.

This was sketched on an iPad Air using my trusty Adobe Ideas app.

Now I need to go find some coffee.